So here are 5 things that I’ve learned from the MTC
1. The orange juice legend is a total myth
2. The best zone in the whole MTC is the Scandinavian zone (and yes our district name is ‘district 13’)
3. It is really hard to not hug the Elders
4. I’m ready to preach the gospel…… in English. In case anyone was wondering Norwegian is as hard as it sounds
5. Representing Christ is one of the best callings ever and I love having my whole life centered on the Gospel

AHHHHH I can’t believe I’m finally a missionary! I’ve been waiting for this for forever and it is just as great as I thought I would be.

So Wednesday was super crazy because I just dropped off my stuff and went straight to class. The teacher only spoke Norwegian and I didn’t understand anything hahah. But then I figured out that I am in a tri-panionship! (I have 2 companions instead of one!) We also share one dorm room that is meant for 6 so we have a ton of room. We are encouraged to SYL (speak your mission language) as much as possible. By the end of the first day we could almost all say a prayer in Norwegian. There are only 3 of us going to Norway, about 12 Swedish missionaris, 9 Finnish, and 9 Danish! So that is my whole zone and they are my favorite people ever! We are all super close already and we try to spend all of our free time together (which is maybe like 15 minutes in a day). On Thursday we met our Branch President and he is the sweetest man ever. We all had interviews with him and then he made me Sister Training Leader (which just means I am over the sisters). My companions are picking up the language super fast and it’s taking me a little bit longer but it is coming! All of the DearElders and letters have helped me soooo much! So keep them coming 😉 My companions and I taught our first investigator on Friday in Norwegian. It was super hard to try to say what we meant in the little Norsk we knew but when we bore our testimony at the end the spirit was so strong!

So one of the Danish sisters is a personal trainer and has done 15 iron mans and every day during excersise time she works us out. I am more sore than I’ve been for like a year but it’s been a huge blessing because after sitting in a classroom for 9 hours a day we need to do serious work outs to compensate for that! I was always super sad that I was born in March because that meant I couldn’t go on a mission until after the spring semester but I finally figured out why I had to wait. Mission calls are so divine and even the timing is so perfect. I am so glad I had to wait because my zone makes me so incredibly happy and my companions are so patient with me! Heavenly Father truly knows us!

It’s crazy how Satan can make being discouraged sound like it’s the best attitude to have. Things come along so much easier when I realize that this mission is not mine and it’s not about my growth. It is completely about the Savior and bringing his gospel to wherever he asks me to bring it! Usually we think happiness comes after trials but that is not true, we can have complete happiness during trials! By completely relying on Christ I have seen miracles happen in this MTC. Enduring to the end isn’t meant to sound hard and rough it’s about having joy and bringing that joy to others! The only way to become truly converted to the gospel of Christ is to completely forget about ourselves and focus on serving others and our Heavenly Father! I love being a missionary more than anything! This gospel is true and I am truly happy because of it!

“However long and hard the road is, I’ll see you at the end”

Love Søster Cook


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