June 9,2016 MTC Week 2

Kjære alle,

What a crazy week!
On Saturday I had one of the hardest day in the mission so far! The language was just super hard and I was teaching an investigator and I couldn’t get more than 2 words out at a time! So I had a little break down but after that everything was perfect! Sunday was really really good! All of the speakers during our meetings seriously were directed to me personally! They talked about not comparing ourselves to other missionaries and it’s okay if you can’t speak perfect Norwegian in a week all that matters is how you are communicating with Heavenly Father.
Monday went amazing as usual! I was so disappointed that I got so discouraged with myself! I can totally do this! Heavenly Father is sending me to Norway for a specific purpose, and that’s not for me to think that I can’t do this! ‘We don’t grow in our comfort zone and we’re not comfortable in our growth zone’. We also got another investigator so it’s been fun planning lessons for a couple of people! It’s also great strengthening our testimonies in the simple truths of the gospel.
So Tuesday was the craziest day ever. At 3 am my companions and I were woken up by 2 security guards and were told that we were supposed to be on a bus on our way to the airport for our consulate trip to Houston. So they told us to get ready in 10 minutes and head to Salt Lake. We literally threw on random clothes grabbed our toothbrush and ran out the door! We were handed a folder of information and told to run to make our flight! So we went to Houston and got our visa stuff figured out and was stuck in the George Bush airport for 5 hours hahah! It was a good and exhausting experience except we missed Elder Bednar talk at the MTC.
Yesterday we got a new Elder for our district! He’s going to Iceland! I guess there are only like 9 missionaries there right now so he has his work cut out for him. Finnish and Icelandic are supposed to be some of the hardest languages to learn and they are both in my zone haha. People say that only Finland born babies and LDS missionaries can learn finnish! The gift of tongues is real.
Everything is going super great here though! I love my zone and all of the friends that I’ve made here! Actually my zone leader is from Vernal! So if any of my vernal friends know Elder Smith I will tell him hi for you. Also I check the mail like at least 4 times a day so everyone should send letters and DearElders. I also am super great at writing letters so I will most likely write you one 😉
Sister Alexis cook
Provo MTC
Unit #20 JUL05
20005 N 900 E
Provo UT 84604
Elsker Søster Cook
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