June 16, 2016

Time is so weird at the MTC the days feel like weeks but the weeks feel like days! I swear it was P-day like yesterday. I will be in Norway before I know it!

It’s seriously been way too hot here in Provo and heat is just not my thing! But thank goodness the Lord knows me super well and has sent some rainy days to cool everything down! It’s been a huge blessing and I am grateful to be serving in the arctic circle.

So this week my companions and I have taught a ton of lessons and they just haven’t gone as well as we would have liked. So with the help of our teachers we have learned how to have the Spirit with us ALL of the time. We now recognize how the spirit talks to us personally! It has been an amazing experience and I encourage everyone to always have a prayer in your heart to have the spirit with you and you will be AMAZED at the hand of the Lord in your life.
Tuesday the Nords and the Swedes hit our halfway mark!! We are all so excited to go to our missions and preach the gospel! The Danes are getting their flight plans tomorrow which is sooo weird! We all are going to miss them so much!
So yesterday one of my favorite people (Elder Snow) came to the MTC!! I got to see him like right as he came into the MTC and it literally was the best thing ever! He is going to Armenia so his classroom is in the same building as me because most of the random European languages are taught here haha.
My Norwegian is getting a ton better and I am comfortable teaching 20 minute lessons and having normal conversations! I sound like a little child because we are still learning grammar but it is super fun! We are feeling comfortable enough that most of my zone is doing an ‘English Fast’ where we are only speaking norwegian, danish, swedish, and finnish.  It’s a good thing that I can understand danish and swedish!
It’s weird emailing in the MTC though because I want to say so much but I do the exact same things every day and most of it is in my lovely Norwegian classroom! So I’m sure when I get to Norway my emails will be way better than this! But everyday I am amazed at how much our Father in Heaven loves us. I am blessed to be going to a mission that is challenging and allows me to be out of my comfort zone because I have already learned so much! I know this gospel is 100% true and missionary work is called of God!
Jeg vet at Norge er når jeg har bli kalt og et er perfekt far min. Jeg vet at Himmelske Fader elsker oss! Jeg vet at Jesu Kristi Kirke er sann!
Elsker Søster Cook



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