July 6, 2016


oh my heck it is the most gorgeous place in the world! The pictures don’t do it justice! It’s about 10 o’clock right now and it looks like it’s about 5.

We just arrived a few hours ago from the airport and I just got my first area….

I will be going to……

STAVANGER! It is on the West coast and is supposed to have beautiful fjords and rain a ton! I am beyond excited. it will be a completely new dialect from the Norwegian I learned and basically I am learning a new language so that will be super super fun hahaha. My trainer is Sister Etchells!

We just had dinner with our Mission President and will leave to Stavanger tomorrow on a plane.

Just so everyone knows, my P-day will now be on Monday. So my next email home will be this following Monday.
www.thehillsinnorway.com (they should be posting pictures!
Also there is a Facebook page that you can follow called “Friends and Family of missionaries serving in Norway!”

Love you all! Talk to you soon.13600172_1283927781635136_4800530298286796170_n


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