June 30, 2016

4 more days and I will be in the ‘chosen frozen’ mish.

It is so difficult to write a ton about the MTC because basically the exact same things happen every single day but this week was super exciting!

this friday we got our flight plans. I think that’s the biggest way to get missionaries pumped to leave or to make us really distracted. SO on July 4th we leave straight to the Netherlands and then have a 2 hour flight to Norway (happy birthday America).

On Sunday we said goodbye to our Danish missionaries. It was so sad! But we are super excited to see them preach the gospel in Denmark! Sunday was so spiritual for me. There were so many beautiful musical numbers that touched my heart!

So on Wednesday we taught a lesson to someone in Norway via Skype and in the middle of the lesson the Sister missionaries called and we got to talk to them! They told us how excited they were to meet us and how amazing our missionary president is! So that made me super excited.

Every once in a while we go on our mission map and use google maps to look at Norway and I am completely convinced that I am going to the most beautiful place in the world.

This week I have been reading Jesus the Christ and I have never felt more love towards my Savior than right now. He was given commandment and was completely free to obey or disobey. The atonement was a completely selfless act and had to be done out of pure love by his own free will and choice. We are completely unable to raise our self to a higher spiritual plane without a Redeemer.  If that isn’t proof that God loves us and to Come unto Christ, I don’t know what is.

I love this gospel and the opportunity to invite others to Come unto our Savior and Redeemer everyday.
Når vi tenker på de valgene vi gjør hver dag, om vi skal foreta det ene eller det andre valget, hvis vi velger Kristus, vi vil ha gjort det rette valget. President Monson
Love Sister Cook


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