STRAVANGER July 11, 2016

Finally I am here! After 6 long months of waiting haha!

So I got called to Stavanger as most of you know and it is beautiful here! I just love it. The dialect in Stavanger is super difficult but it`s coming and I can have a regular conversation with someone on the bus now! So that`s exciting! We have a cute little duck pond outside of our apartment that we go contacting everyday on and it is so much fun! I don`t do most of the talking yet but contacting is so much fun! We also have some pretty solid investigators that are so close to baptism so that is super exciting especially in Norway but in 18 months there will be a temple announced here so Norway better be ready.

Also finally figured out what the expression `better than sliced bread` means – haha we have to slice our bread at the grocery stores! Super funny and now I totally appreciate that more. Also there are no cheeze-its or goldfish here so basically I am starving rn. Jk all is super well! I love the food here!

My trainer is so great! We have some amazing goals together and we are always contacting or trying to find investigators during any down time! I have been working hard with the language and people on the bus compliment my Norwegian when I talk to them so that is the biggest confidence booster!

I have felt my Savior beside me so much this past week and I know that this is the only way to come back to him! It is such an amazing blessing to be able to share this great message with others! It has brought me more happiness than I can even imagine! Thanks for all your support! I love getting your emails 🙂

Verven 2a #H0201
4014 Stavanger, Norway
(For anyone that wants to send letters)


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