Is This A Dream? July 18, 2016

Hey everyone! I am still here and will keep on bugging everyone once a week for 18 months. So sorry about that!

So Norway is doing great and I promise that we are spreading the gospel like a fire! The work is going really well and we are pushing through the hard Norwegian personalities so that we can show everyone how important the gospel is!
One of the biggest things that really makes me so frustrated here is when we ask what people believe in and they say,`I believe in man and science`. Science and the gospel go hand in hand honestly. There is no way we could have such a spectacular world and the human race without a higher power! It`s okay though Europeans are stubborn but the Lord has prepared so many and it has been a huge blessing to see that in action!
So I guess there is a new Pokemon game that is super popular… Everyone is always playing is and when we street contact there are people running around trying to find `pokemons`. Our church house is also a place where people can find pokemons so we find a lot of little kids hanging out there haha super funny.
This Wednesday my companion and I and the senior couple in Stavanger got to go on a road trip to teach some investigators! We went on a 2 hour drive and I was in awe. Norway is just unlike anything in this world! The family we taught is amazing! So almost 2 years ago they went to Utah to see a fertility specialist because they couldn`t get pregnant. While they were there they went to temple square every day and met Howard W Hunter`s son on a tour.  He offered to give them a blessing and they did and she got pregnant. The wife has her Master degree in Theology so she is very smart with religion. They have so much faith and they love the gospel so much already! I am sure they will get baptized super soon! They are such a huge example to me.
We also got to play volleyball with the refugees this week and it is so amazing to hear their stories.
 I know Heavenly Father loves each of his children and that he has such a specific plan for ALL of us. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share that message everyday in Stavanger!
A cute member of the ward made me some Norwegian slippers! They are so comfy.

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