July 25, 2016

Ahh this week has been just amazing as always! I still think that I am in a dream everyday because I get to preach the thing I love most in the most beautiful place in the world.
So this week we had splits and the STLs from Bergen came down with us. It happened to be just the absolute hottest day in norway probably in like 10 years haha and I am not used to the humidity so I was so so so hot! But we contacted so much and my voice hurt from talking so much! We crushed the Standard of Exellence for our mission and we have some amazing people that we are now teaching from that!
We are so close to getting a couple of baptisimal dates and it is so great seeing people understand the gospel and feel of the Saviors love for them! Also in church the other day we met an awesome lady that was on tour in Europe for MoTab! So that was super sick! The work is progressing! Thanks for everyones prayers! Love you all!
Also Norway is just the most beautiful place and pictures will never do it justice. This is the hike Preikestolen! Gorgeous. Sorry about all the pictures


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