One Month In The Land? WHAT??? Aug 1, 2016

ANOTHER MIRACLE FILLED WEEK. I can`t believe this upcoming week is my one month in Norway mark! So crazy!

So this week we had our zone conference and we had Sisters and Elders from Arendal and Kristiansand come to Stavanger! Our Senior couple were gone to a huge young adult conference in Sweden so we had to make the dinner with the Elders and I have a ton of respect for them for doing that all of the time!
ALSO a cute young woman in our ward who has been taking the discussions forever finally got permission to be baptized! So that is super exciting!
I don`t know how this happened but everyone found out I play the piano so I am like the designated piano player and was asked to play in sacrament yesterday haha. Completely butchered it but I was super grateful to be given the opportunity to improve myself ha.
A couple of weeks ago we contacted the most amazing woman on the bus and we met with her about 3 or 4 times. She is from Africa and she is pregnant with tripletssss and single. She loves the Book of Mormon and reading all of the pamphlets we give her. She is golden! I just had to brag on her a little hahha sorry.
Søster Etchells is a beast trainer and so she had a feeling to do a complete English fast this week and always speak Norwegian no matter what! So we will see how that goes! Thanks for all the support!
This week I was reading in Alma 36 about Alma the Younger. So he was not a good guy. At all. He killed many people and prosecuted the church with all of his might. In Alma 36 it talks about his conversion story and how he used the atonement. He talks about how his sins made him cringe and not want to ever go before God. After he COMPLETELY turned his life to the Savior and let him take his sins he was able to feel unending joy and happiness. I have felt this happiness when I turn to my Savior every single time! I am so indebted to him and I am so grateful that he loved me enough to suffer for all of my sins!

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