August 22, 2016

hey everyone!

This week was kinda crazy! So our cute investigator that was pregnant with triplets had her babies! She called us on Tuesday and told us that she couldn`t make our appointment that night because she had triplets ha. (it reminded me of that scene in The RM when the mom called her visiting teaching family and said she couldn`t make it because she was in labor. hahaha) BUT there is 3 more healthy babies in Stavanger! and one of them is named alex 😉
We also had an investigator named Sigrud come to church for the 3rd time. When we first met him he hadn`t shaved in 3 years and he had a huge beard, the next sunday he came he looked like a missionary! He also planned the rest of his year and he had monday (FHE), Friday (institute) and Sunday.
We also have a baptism this Saturday so that is so exciting!
This week was an eye opener for me. I realized how my whole mission so far is how I am focusing on things that I am bad at or things I need to improve on. It was really effecting the way I saw myself or the way I thought my Heavenly Father saw me. I was told by some people very dear to my heart how much I am needed in this mission and how being a missionary Norway (or any mission) isn`t the easiest thing to do. It is always good to improve and to push ourselves but as children of God we need to see how much he loves us and is rooting for us! We all have so many amazing capabilities to contribute the the kingdom of God and he will help us see them (even if we need to be humbled first haha). I love this Gospel and am willing to do anything for it! Even when it gets tough!
Sorry I don`t have a ton of pictures!


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