August 29, 2016

hey everyone!

WOW what a week! I hit my 3rd month mark this past week and I can`t believe how fast time is flying! I am a 1/6 of the way done. sad. BUT 5/6 to go!

So this week my companion and I were getting over being sick so that was so terrible but Heavenly Father blessed us with finding an amazing potential a while ago and this past week he just accepted to be BAPTIZED! my heart is melting. He is definitely a prepared spirit and it is so amazing to watch him progress and love the gospel! Sept. 17 is the date. Watch out Norway the gospel is coming for ya!

Also we had a sweet young girl get permission to be baptized so her baptism was on Saturday. The spirit was so strong there and the talks were amazing (even though they were in Norwegian and I couldn`t understand it all). I can never ever deny the truthfulness of this gospel!

I am so grateful to be a missionary and even though it really humbles you and you have to go through a complete `refiners fire` it is totally worth it! It is all about seeing others find the truth and learn of the Savior! This is where true happiness comes from. Even though it is hard it is worth it!

`However long and hard the road is, I will see you at the end`

Also Sigrud (our investigator getting baptized) shared Psalms 42 and 43 with us. It is written so beautifully and I think everyone can relate to it! I have more these past 3 months then I ever have before! But God has been here giving me light to lead me!


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