September 12, 2016

HEY! Soooo I don`t have a ton of time today because the Stavanger missionaries are doing a beach day!!!!! yes don`t worry I am just as surprised as you when I found out Norway has a beach. But I heard it is amazing and the sand is super super soft. So that will be a blast!

This week was full of miracles and I saw the Hand of the Lord in my life more than ever. I am blessed to be here in Norway where I can use amazing resources to help myself and missionary work in general.
Also President Utchdorf came to Norway!!!!!! ahhh super crazy and so so so spiritual. He promised us specfic blessings as and apostle. He said that Heavenly Father knows our desire to serve and how willing we are to follow him. He told us to keep holding on and light will come, and to share the gospel with confidence and without fear and the Lord will stand with us. He is grateful for our willingness to serve. I have heard a ton of stories about people that feel like talks are directly for them but this was for me. Without a doubt. I literally felt the Lord talking to me through President Utchdorf. It was a very special experience that I can`t put into words.
ALSO tender mercy of the week… after like 2 week of no camera…. I found it!!! SO there will be pictures next week I promise 🙂
Oh and the sweetest couple in the world just accepted a baptismal date! WOW. this never happens here! There are so many people prepared!


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