September 5, 2016


Wow another Pday. Time goes by so fast! Well this week has been so great! We have had the opportunity to meet with Sigurd a couple of times and he is so ready for baptism! He has less than a week and a half and it is so exciting 🙂 He filled out his Dåp program and asked all of his friends in the ward and the missionaries to be a part of it! I really don`t know how I became the designated piano player here but that happened so I am doing a musical number for the baptism!
This week`s weather has also been super insane! I swear we had like one week of summer and now it is already winter. Not complaining though because the cold is the best! Super pumped for the snow and for my first and only Christmas here 🙂
Well nothing else super super exciting happened this week except I lost my camera so I don`t have a ton of pictures to share butttt hopefully next week that will be different 🙂
AHHH I just love sharing with everyone what I have learned in my studies hahah so hopefully everyone bares (bears, baers???? I can`t even speak english ahahh) with me! But this week I finished the BOM and started in the Doctrine and Covenants. So in a lot of D and C it talks about missionary work and how we can be better missionaries! It is so cool to see how it applies so perfectly to everyone. We have such an amazing gift (the gospel) and we need to share it! I am so grateful that I get to do that here in Norway! Love you all
Love Søster Cook

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