October 3, 2016 Barefoot through Norway


So honestly I can’t remember a ton that has happened this week other than the spirit that has been felt because of Prophets and Apostles!

So we have 2 amazing investigators that had the opportunity to come to the Women Conference and hear some amazing talks about striving to do our best and learning the gospel! It was perfect for them and the spirit was so strong!

President Uchtdorf counselled us to walk by whatever Faith we have. That doesn’t mean to justify our actions but to truly try our best for improve our faith BY what is already there.

One of the biggest themes that popped out to me was that joy and happiness come through our Savior Jesus Christ and no other way. Everyone has trials and some seem like they will never end even when you are doing everything right. One important thing to remember is that some things are only learned by faith. Trust in our Heavenly Father! EVERYTHING he does is for our happiness! We need to trust and rely on him! If we focus on joy through the Savior we can be happy even through the most discouraging trials.

Aren’t we lucky to have the knowledge of the gospel?! Well it is our duty to share it! Elder Oaks asked us to pray both personally and in families to find others that need the gospel. If we pray for missionary opportunities conversations will come without force- they will come with love for our dear siblings that desperately need the gospel!

I am so grateful that I am here in Norway sharing the gospel full time! What a tremendous blessing. Also for the group email title– We saw the Northern lights and we ran outside barefoot just to see them! I didn’t get a picture but next time I will! Definitely something to put on your bucket list though!


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