September 19, 2016


So this week was very difficult not going to lie. Being a greenie is rough. Being a missionary is rough but from the infamous Søster Hill (my mission president`s wife), “He did not send us out to fail, he is here, he will help, and he loves you.”

So actually I am in Oslo right now and doing a quick emergency transfer to Drammen with Søster Dransfield and her companion (a visa waiter from Norway!). So I am back to the trio life!

ahhh so this week has been full of goodbyes but it was great and we had a baptism!! Sigurd was baptized and the spirit was so strong, we met him like 5 weeks ago and he has changed completely! He is the happiest person I know. It is crazy how in less than a transfer someone who didn`t even believe in God and is studying religion in school, came to find God and was baptized.  The church is true!

So I studied D&C 121 again. I just love reading and studying about how much Joseph Smith opened his heart up to God. `My son that these things shall give thee experience and be for thy good`. `The Son of Man hath descended below them all, art though greater than he?`. `FEAR NOT WHAT MAN CAN DO, FOR GOD SHALL BE WITH YOU FOREVER AND EVER`.


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