September 26, 2016

WOW! What a hectic week!

So I was super sad to leave Stavanger especially because that is where all of my family come from but now I am in a just as amazing place! My companions are so amazing. We have a couple of amazing investigators and we are ready to bring the gospel to everyone. Dont worry everyone we are going to find some solid investigators this week! The field is white and ready to harvest!

This week we actually have really been focusing on members and gaining their trust and really having a strong relationship with them.  The members in Norway are the most amazing and most dependable people I know! I love the ward in Drammen! It has been a blast so far and I really really love the people! Everything is going so great. Thanks for the prayers everyone 🙂

SOO this week is general conference! Oh wow I am so excited! Since being out on my mission I have gained a huge testimony on prophets and apostles. When Uchtdorf came to visit I knew he was speaking right to me and we are PROMISED that if we go to our Father in Heaven in prayer with specific questions they can be answered through prophets and apostles! What an amazing opportunity! God is speaking to us! THIS WEEKEND! WOW. The messages we hear are going to come directly from him. Lets really use this opportunity to find answers and act on them 🙂

The weather in Norway has been ‘kjempe koselig’. (I hope google translate works for that ha) I am expecting like some crazy snowstorm, hailstorm, or windstorm to come through to make up for it hahah!

OH and here is my new address 🙂


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