October 17, 2016

I think every single day I say how I can’t believe I am a missionary, IN NORWAY!

Yes Norway. Yes it is freezing. Yes it is only October. Yes it is the best mission in the world. Yes it is not easy. Yes it is 100 percent worth it 🙂

This week was amazing!! Definitely one of my favorite of my mish! So we had splits with the Sister Training Leaders! We went out bonking doors and kontaking and found some amazing potentials! Okay just 2 but still! We met one on the bus and we talked about prayer and how she can talk to God through anything! I have never seen someone light up as much as she did 🙂

Then I talked to the sweetest old couple and had like a 15 minute conversation with them on the bus and we talked about their grandkids and children! Then I told them about missionaries and everything that we do. Afterwards I realized how amazing the gift of tongues and speaking through the spirit is! I just loved them with all of my and didn’t stress about what I was going to say and that is when the Spirit came in 🙂

The Spirit is absolutely crucial in conversion. As missionaries we don’t speak anywhere near perfect Norwegian but we speak with love and that carries the message of the gospel into the hearts of others! It really is the most humbling experience and strengthens my testimony everyday of the truthfulness of the restored gospel!


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