June 23, 2016

Hahaha okay okay for real though everything at the MTC is great! I was going to try and send my actual group email right after I sent that last email but we had a meeting to go to so sorry for keeping everyone waiting. There is ‘Norway’ I can ‘Finnish’ this email this week ‘Dane’ it. My emails are pretty ‘Swede’ though even though I ‘Russian’ it. sorry sorry for the stupid puns but Scandinavian puns are the best.

So this week has been super crazy and full of new and fun things! So most of our zone did an ‘English Fast’ on Saturday and it went really well. I probably sounded like a kindergartener jk I know I did butttttt it really helped and Norwegian is coming through the gift of tongues. I am ridiculously glad that Heavenly Father gives that gift to his children because I rely on it AT LEAST a million times a day.

Oh yeah and so during our workouts we have a girl going to Denmark work us out and I literally walk like a duck everyday. And it takes me like 20 minutes to get up the stairs (it’s a good thing I’m on the top floor for all of my classes).

AHHH on Wednesday we hosted new missionaries so we didn’t have any Study time and had 4 lessons to prepare for and once again the gift of tongues had our back and we did great! I love when you can recognize the spirit in lessons! The MTC is crazy right now though. 700 new missionaries came in and dinner time is insane.

OH YEAH! So in less than 24 hours I will have my flight plans for Norway! Lets just all pray that my visa comes in so I don’t have to serve in Provo or something.

any last letters or DearElders would be great 🙂
Sister Alexis Cook